Our Services and Publications

1. Continuous R&D to develop

“Creative Maths” enrichment programme contents for Primary 1-6 students.

“Creative Maths” content for preschool

“Creative Maths Advance” enrichment programme for gifted children

Creative teaching aids, board games and toys.

2. Courses for educators, parents and corporate

A Magical Course on Creativity in Maths Education (Maths educators, 1 – 4 days)

The Art of Teaching (Educators/Parents, 1/2 – 1 day)

How to Bring Up Happy and Creative Children (Parents, 1/2 day)

A Magical Course on Creative Parenting (Parents, 1-2 days)

Enhance Your Training and Presentation the Creative and Magical Way (Trainers, 1 day)

Creative Mindsets For Excellence (Corporate, 1 day)

Training of Trainers for “Creative Maths” programme (in house)

3. Courses for children

“Creative Maths” enrichment programme (Primary 1-6)

“Creative Maths Advance” enrichment programme for gifted children (Primary 4-6)

“Creative Maths” Holiday Camp (Primary 4-6)

4. Publication

Mathematical Magic and Craft: A fun way to develop mathematical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity, with demo VCD (2002).

m-Wizy® magic cards (2003)

Teaching Children Maths the Fun and Magical Way (2004)

Amazing Maths…Card Tricks (2005)Creative Maths worksheets (2006 – 2009)

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