Feedbacks from Past Participants

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Ms Teoh Poh Yew’s creativity workshops, do so! Open your mind, sit back and enjoy her way of getting you to think out of the box, whether you are a hard nosed business executive or an academic. If you wish to create a culture of creative thinking and innovative mindsets in your organisation, send your people! Poh Yew in her words, “Teaches creativity through the magic of mathematics to people whose ages range from 4 to 104!”  As a professional Management Consultant, and a Life, Business and Leadership Coach, (whose passions do not include maths) I have picked up so much from listening and observing Poh Yew’s approach to creativity, which has brought me to a higher level of innovative thinking. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Mr. Kwong Lok Wah,Managing Director, KGK Associates Sdn Bhd, and Vistage Chair.

Your recent presentation at the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) course in JB had really made our Learning an Unforgettable and Enjoyable session.  It was beyond my expectation and I will remember all the fine points quoted by you. I salute you for your Distinguished and Unselfish Services delivered. You are really a Great Mentor I have ever met. I believed you have created a lot of Miracles for your scholars throughout your Journey of services.   I look forward to attend the next scheduled meeting.

Mr. Hudson Hah,Lions Clubs International Trainer for Orient & South East Asia

 I’m really impressed with your creativity power.  I’ve attended many kinds of workshops and this workshop was the most interesting one! I couldn’t wait to show some of the magic tricks that just learnt  to my 5 year old daughter.  She was so impressed with “my” magic show.  She enjoyed so much playing these cards and keep coming up with all kinds of games created by her creativity.  Thanks for leading us and our next generations to the  WONDERFUL CREATIVE WIZARD WORLD!

Elaine Tan, Kuala Lumpur

I first met Poh Yew at a conference in Mathematical Creativity in Bulgaria and was drawn to her work, not only because of her own very contagious enjoyment of mathematics but also because of her ability to explain the mathematical concepts behind the games and tricks to people with a wide range of mathematical backgrounds and interest.  From children with their parents to professor of mathematics, all were drawn into her activities.

Prof. Linda Sheffield, Regents Professor, Mathematics Education,Northern Kentucky University, USA. June 2006

It was a pleasure listening to you doing the magic in the class.   You have taken teaching and learning to another level – the magical level.   It will be wonderful for students if all teachers teach like that.

Mr. Low Wong Fook, Principal of Singapore Polytechnics. 26 Mei 2004

It’s an excellent experience attending this workshop. Only comment: The time is too short. We can never get enough from the beautiful presentation from Ms. Teoh. “We just love it!”.

                                                                                  Ms. Wong Yuet Leng, Assistant Director,

                                            Special Education Department, Ministry of Education Malaysia.

More than just teach ‘tricks and magic’, the speaker inspires.

                                                                                                        Claudine Quek, Singapore

After the Creative Maths training, I keep on reading books about creativity and maths.I really find Maths so “cute” if we are willing to learn it ….. What I like most in your teaching is the idea that you give to me, “I can choose to be Creative!”  Ha! Ha! It’s really cool if we are creative.So many messy stuff …but I am not afraid anymore because I am creative enough to handle it !!! Thanks again, Mdm Teoh …you really raise my confidence in solving problems.

Yap Yee Yee, Creative Maths instructor, Kuala Lumpur

This is revolutionary and capturing! This is one of the best workshops ever. It does not just focus on mathematical content, the instructor also inculcate some values and stimulate some self-reflection.

Ms Angela Tay, South View Primary School, Singapore

Wow! A flood of entertaining and mind-challenging card ideas to learn! Most amazing, such tricks are still linked to Maths! Even better, each idea can prompt participants to vary further, as such stimulating thinking!

Ms Jess Wong, Casuarina Primary School, Singapore

This is the most interesting maths course in my 24 years of service.  I admire your courage and persistent in doing your work.  Hope to attend another Maths course conducted by you. With the knowledge that you had imparted to us, I will try to apply them to my blind students. 3 days are not enough.

Mariana Yusuf, Sarawak

The trainer was engaging and educationally entertaining.  At strategic points, she makes the connections between teaching and learning behaviour / needs and her activities or notes.  Indeed an inspiring session.

Maths Teacher, Hong Kong

Throughout the 3 days the presentations were lively, interesting, enjoyable, very beneficial, full of suspense and motivating.  Usually in the past, I’d attended numerous courses and ended doubtful … but not yours, Puan Teoh Poh Yew!  So far yours has surpassed others!  Congratulations and thank you so much.

Fidelis Batest, Sarawak

Very enlightening. After 10 years, I have finally seen a different approach in teaching Maths. Thank you. You have made simple things create great impacts. Will love to share these with the rest of the staff back in school.

                                                                                                          Chandramohan, Singapore

Mdm. Teoh Poh Yew is an inspiring instructor that focuses on her belief and advocated the right attitudes towards learning. All educators should attend her workshop to make learning fun and meaningful.

Lok Kheng Fun, Kent Ridge Tutors, Singapore

The trainer is very interesting. She shares her strategies to handle all kinds of students. All teachers should be sent to attend this course every year. Maybe should be held in school.

Roziawati Bte. Rahim, Singapore

The speaker is very well prepared and experienced. She is optimistic and bubbly. She has inspired me to add changes and make improvement to my classes.

Low Pei Kin, Singapore

I’m really impressed with your creativity power. I’ve attended many kinds of workshops and this workshop was the most interesting one! I couldn’t wait to show some of the magic tricks that just learnt to my 5 year old daughter. She was so impressed with “my” magic show. She enjoyed so much playing these cards and keep coming up with all kinds of games created by her creativity. Thanks for leading us and our next generations to the WONDERFUL CREATIVE WIDARD WORLD!

Elaine Tan, Kuala Lumpur

Useful hands-on magic with so much power in creating interest. Real eye-opener on how simple manipulative materials e.g. dices and poker cards can be used to show mathematical related concepts. Loved the fast finger-counting way of multiplication tables (I only know for 9 times table initially before this workshop). Thanks for all the handy tips and experience sharing of teaching weaker pupils and own child!

Jess Wong, Singapore

I have learnt many interesting Maths games to share with my students. Learnt to enjoy teaching and learning rather than be blaming children at mistakes made.

Ashley Chan, Singapore

More than just teach ‘tricks and magic’, the speaker inspires.

Claudine Quek, Singapore

I like the magic tricks! I can imagine the excitement and sparkle in any children’s eyes if I were to show them the magic.

Irving Quah, Singapore

Very enriching because not only does the trainer share many interesting mathematical magic and craft, she also included numerous classroom management techniques as well as motivational anecdotes. It has given me renewed energy towards the teaching of Mathematics.

Wan Fazithahariani, Singapore